October 11, 2018

MMA Celebrates 5 Years!

MMA celebrates 5 years in business with their team, family, friends, clients and partners.

"Five years has flown by. We are thankful to our team, our amazing clients, our partners and vendors for your support." - Co-founders, Tom & Evan Mathison

September 2, 2018

Muskegon ISD: Design Insights

MMA was thrilled to work with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) to renovate, refresh, and add new space to the existing building.

The goals for this renovation project at MAISD included:

  • Better use of ineffective space.
  • Additional conference space and a variety of conference space sizes.
  • Clearer circulation paths throughout the building.
  • Additional storage capacity.
  • Centralized resources.
  • Provision for future growth.
  • Infrastructure upgrades.

View the process and results

August 15, 2018

Airport Park & Pavilion Featured in “Airport World”

Thanks to "Airport World" for featuring our Gerald R Ford International Airport park & pavilion project! Gerald R Ford International Airport's renovated 'viewing park' where people can come and watch aircraft landing and taking off has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in the county.

Gerald R Ford International Airport's renovated 'viewing park' where people can come and watch aircraft landing and taking off has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in the county.

Indeed, the Mathison I Mathison Architects (MMA) designed park is already a magnet for aviation enthusiats, families and photographers either living in or visiting the Michigan city of Grand Rapids.

Prior to the renovation, there was only a parking lot, picnic tables and a grassy strip.

July 1, 2018

Gun Lake Residence: Design Insights

The Gun Lake house is situated on a narrow peninsula that offers extraordinary views of the lake in multiple directions.  The land is neatly populated with century-old homes that quietly take advantage of this uncommon setting.  A primary goal of our client was a desire to reconstitute the relationship of their house to its surroundings, while remaining sensitive to the communal context of the architecture.

The design seed of the new project was simply to rotate the footprint of the existing house 90 degrees, so that the broad side of the home would open to the broad view of the lake. The two principal roof forms of the new house reciprocate the setting -- the upper gabled form upholds the tradition of the neighborhood and governs its vernacular clarity, while the lower roof mimics the extension of the landscape and invites improvisational use.

At 2200 finished square feet, the conditioned envelope is compact. And like the exterior, the interior form responds directly to its use. The upper floor is a monastic repetition of sleeping cells and bathrooms with unique directional views, combined with a grand central stair and master bedroom at each corner that capture myriad views of water, over the trees, in all directions.

June 20, 2018

AIA of Michigan Awards Airport Park & Pavilion

The viewing park and pavilion at Gerald R. Ford International Airport is the latest recipient of a statewide architecture design award. The architect of the park and pavilion, Mathison | Mathison Architects (MMA), from Grand Rapids, received the recognition.

The American Institute of Architects – Michigan awards Mathison | Mathison Architects (MMA), from Grand Rapids, received the recognition.

MMA received the “Small Budget Award” from the Michigan Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The award, according to AIA, is given “in recognition of design excellence within the constraints of a small budget (under $2 million), scale, and size”. The design award jury commented: “This simple and expressive pavilion provides a serene viewing platform beneath a soaring dynamic form.”

This community-focused project was funded by both the Cascade Community Foundation and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and it included the addition of a shelter with restrooms and a gathering plaza, a…

June 1, 2018

Boston Common Magazine Features Berkshire Residence

Thanks to Boston Common Magazine and writer, Marni Katz for featuring our Berkshire Residence in their May 2018 print edition.

Cabin Fever

How to design a dreamy Berkshires getaway with luxury decor, sweeping views and, above all, coziness.

For five years, a particularly nature-loving Boston family escaped to a one-room cabin in the Housatonic River Valley in Great Barrington. That’s right, one room. Designed by Cambridge architect Maryann Thompson, it was a cozy cabin, resting on a slice of the mountainside and overlooking the valley. Still, it was time for a change. The family wanted to live larger. The goal was to replicate the design and feel of their beloved cabin, but to triple the size. Enter Evan Mathison of Mathison | Mathison Architects, who had assisted Thompson on the cabin and who employed a similar approach for the new, 5,600-square-foot low-slung home. Inspired by the stunning Berkshires landscape, the property follows the contours of the ridgeline; captures spectacular light and views; incorporates a warm materials palette; and blurs the line between indoors and out. Upon entering, visitors…