Airport Viewing Park: The Steel is Set!


The steel for the pavilion is set at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport viewing park and pavilion!

Standing underneath the structure, you really start to get a sense of the enclosure and the framed view of the runways and landscape. The experience of standing inside the nonlinear ‘forest of columns’ is exciting and provides the sense of wonder and meandering that we were after. The sense of contact with the architecture is also enriched by the ultra-smooth finish we specified for the metal columns.

Carpenters are now fast at work blocking out on the steel and concrete block, preparing it for the finished clear cedar ceiling and finished metal panel, which is soon to arrive. The roof membrane will be applied in a few days, and all areas will be curtained off with plastic to provide a warm (and friendlier) environment for the finish tradesmen to get to work.

See more about the project here.



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