Muskegon ISD: Design Insights

MMA was thrilled to work with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) to renovate, refresh, and add new space to the existing building.

The goals for this renovation project at MAISD included:

Better use of ineffective space.

Additional conference space and a variety of conference space sizes.

Clearer circulation paths throughout the building.

Additional storage capacity.

Centralized resources.

Provision for future growth.

Infrastructure upgrades.

Improved space utilization included a new welcome desk, the reorganization and expansion of conference space, storage space, office space, and pre-function space. Capturing existing unused area and reorganizing existing space created opportunities for more efficient and effective space layouts, communications, and community engagement.

New pre-function space was created without expanding the footprint of the building by enclosing existing space under the entry canopy to the conference center. The expanded space includes a new coffee bar, casual seating, break-out area for team work, and charging stations for digital devices.

Existing conference rooms were reorganized and right-sized to create a variety of conferencing options, including large spaces, small conference rooms, and huddle spaces for small groups and individuals. Providing new LED lighting and adding a wall of glass between the conference room and the corridor expanded the “feel” of the conference rooms without adding area.

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