Waldorf House

In a historic neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts, this 110-year-old home sits on a beautiful, oversized lot. Although it originally had a colonial structure, it has been modified and updated over the years to include multiple styles and a variety of disconnected spaces and details. The challenge was to collaborate with the client and strategically focus on the areas that would have the greatest life impact and provide the most architectural cohesion for this young and active family.

On the main level the details, colors and furniture were unified to make the spaces feel connected and consequential. Targeted updating on this level included floor finishes, additional insulation, and selected lighting. On the second level, specific programmatic updates improved the sense of openness in a home comprised of small rooms and corridors. At the top of the stairs, the space opens up to a new room for sitting or doing homework, filled with south light. An upstairs bedroom and shared kids’ bathroom was were also updated.

Services provided included concept design, schematic design, construction documentation and construction administration.

Newton, Massachusetts

Architect of record:

Date completed:

House: 3300 sq ft, 1000 sq ft renovated