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For some, sustainability, sustainable design, or “green” design is defined as healthy living and healthy environments. For some it is defined as reduced energy and maintenance costs. For some, it is about one’s carbon footprint or being “off the grid”. LEED, Passive House, Energy Star, Living Building Challenge etc. are examples of metrics designed to assess or measure performance with respect to energy efficiency. We believe the best designs achieve an optimal balance of functionality, energy-efficiency and beauty.

At MMA, sustainable design engages holistic thinking to integrate technology, lifestyle, practicality, and cost to meet the needs of our clients in harmony with the environment. We believe that decisions made early in design contribute most to the energy and cost-saving potential of the project. We begin with site analysis and planning to achieve optimal building orientation for maximum energy efficiency.

Interior design and layout is directly informed by the site orientation, taking advantage of natural light, air patterns, and passive heating and cooling strategies. The relationship between interior and exterior spaces can expand the functionality of the plan. We emphasize sustainable building materials, minimal waste, quality assemblies, and energy-efficient equipment. We have employed green roofs, solar arrays, geothermal systems, and green materials on many projects in our background.


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