Q&A with Megan Feenstra Wall in Rapid Growth


Rapid Growth: Your new role as president of the American Institute of Architects Grand Rapids (AIA GR) begins Jan. 1, 2021. What experience and background do you bring to this position?

Megan Feenstra Wall: I am honored to step into this role. I am a lakeshore native now in Grand Rapids at Mathison | Mathison Architects who has also lived and worked in New York City, England, and Asia. My undergraduate degree from Calvin College here in Grand Rapids was followed by a master’s degree at Columbia University in New York City. 

I’ve been back in Michigan for a decade, working on a variety of commercial, institutional, and residential projects, from Saint Cecilia Music Center to the ArtPrize hub, to a distillery and a number of private and public schools. When I was newly back in Grand Rapids, unsure that this was the place for me, I found myself on the AIA GR board as associate director. As I planned hard-hat tours for our members and studied for my registration exams, I met many industry leaders and started to realize what a small community this was. Instead of returning to a big city that had already become, I could be part of something special here, part of a city that was in a constant state of becoming.


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