Julia Dallas

Julia Dallas is an architectural designer at MATHISON | MATHISON ARCHITECTS.

Her approach to architecture stems from celebrating the personalities and passions of the people who inhabit a space along with the unique attributes of a particular site. Julia believes architecture should carefully choreograph itself across a site to better celebrate its history and natural setting. 

Community driven design appeals to Julia. Whether it be a single family home, a pavilion or museum, she believes community design ignites a sense of place. It provides unique individuals a platform to celebrate and discover, not only themselves, but each other.

Julia is from Philadelphia, PA (and will always have an undercurrent of Philly pride!).

She attended The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. for undergraduate education where she received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2015. She spent two years in Ann Arbor where she received her Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan in 2017.  Throughout her years of schooling, she took advantage of as many travel opportunities as possible. She lived in Rome, Italy for a semester and completed a Design Charette with the École Nationale Supérieure D'Architecture Institute in Paris, France.

Julia spent summers working along the East Coast while in school, most notably in Georgetown, DC on historical and residential projects with Christian Zapatka Architect, PLLC. Post graduation from the University of Michigan, she returned to Philadelphia to work for Jacobs, a Global Building Design firm.

She finds the work of MATHISON | MATHISON ARCHITECTS to have a unique sense of detail, craftsmanship, and highly considered spatial composition. To her, MMA presents a strong sense of material composition, both inside and outside the envelope. Grand Rapids serving as a home base of MMA also drew her to the firm considering the city's rich history of design and the variety of landscapes it offers. Julia believes that MMA is unique in their ability to create designs that truly work in tandem with the natural setting to uplift the architecture and livability of space.

Julia strives to be meticulous in presenting good quality work. She takes care into instilling proper line weights and graphic composition for a drawing. She thinks the beauty of a design can filter down to the composition of a jamb detail or a shop drawing so she takes a lot of time and effort to make sure that even the smallest details are well articulated.

Julia loves learning new skills and is constantly on the search for new activities to try and places to explore. Walking is one of her deepest passions. She loves expanding her mental map for whichever city she visits or resides, and thinks walking allows you to gather more insight and opportunities to stumble upon some unknowns. Aside from that, she has a stock set of hobbies she enjoys including: volleyball, yoga, and running, playing around on the wheel and trying new ceramic techniques, and attempting to expand her repertoire on the tenor saxophone.  

As an ongoing side project, she has been photographing a series of door knockers throughout her travels (Philly neighborhoods, cathedrals in Ireland, back alley doors in Annapolis, small piazza doors in Tuscany) and has been creating a series of sketches detailing their intricate mechanics and unique designs. If you know of a good door knocker please let her know where to find it!