Kevin Swanson

Kevin Swanson is an architect at MATHISON | MATHISON ARCHITECTS.

Kevin designs with a balance of creativity and practicality developing innovative solutions to solve everyday challenges. He views design as a way to improve economic, social, and experiential relationships with architecture and its context.

He completed his Bachelor and Master of Architecture at the University of Michigan, where he was involved in the American Institute of Architectural Students and the Urban Land Institute. Alongside his architectural studies, Kevin took real estate and business courses at the Ross School of Business to explore his interest in the relationship between quality design and financial performance.

During his time at U of M he worked in the Digital Fabrication Lab. He interned at CCY Architects in Colorado and M.C. Smith Associates & Architectural Group in Grand Rapids. His experience is in residential design ranging from affordable housing projects for state run housing commissions to modern homes situated in the Rocky Mountains. He enjoys seeing a project go from design to construction.

Kevin job shadowed both Tom and Evan Mathison while in school and they inspired him to pursue architecture. He is excited to live and work back in Grand Rapids. He sees a vibrant, growing community and the opportunity for a young firm with a fresh approach to have positive impact.

Kevin has traveled internationally volunteering in multiple service projects in Cameroon with his family, including the development of a library. These experiences inspired his design work in Quito, Ecuador where he designed a network of marketplaces. The focus was to integrate different communities and promote local economies.