Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald is an architectural designer at MATHISON | MATHISON ARCHITECTS.

He believes that architecture provides a human medium for the creation of profound, sensorial experiences constructed from culture and the impulses of human consciousness; even the most utilitarian programs have the capacity to grasp at the creation of sublimity. Architecture becomes a transcendental puzzle that works between: the phenomenal qualities of design and the principles of the material.

Early on in his life, Matt was interested in the creation of mediated experience and exercised this fascination through his art. As such, Matt knew early on that architecture was worth pursuing, since he sees the discipline as a melding of art and logic. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Michigan.

Matt was drawn to MMA because of their commitment to design and belief in the phenomenal qualities of architecture; an ethical responsibility that is too often neglected. MMA sees the value of architecture in the world.

When Matt isn't designing you will find him in the gym, at a beach or back on the east side of the state visiting family.