East Grand Rapids

February 11, 2017

MLive: This super-efficient home blends mid-century modern architecture

Thanks to MLive and Jim Harger for another great article!

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Architect Evan Mathison and builder Matt Reinsma have combined the best of mid-century modern design and the latest in energy efficiency in the home they created for Todd and Kelli Mulderink.

The decor may hearken back to the 1950s, but the methods and materials used to build the five-bedroom house are among latest advancements in sustainable design.

October 4, 2016

Katie Karczewski: Maintaining Architectural Integrity in East Grand Rapids

Mention the name Katie Karczewski to any recent home buyer in East Grand Rapids and we bet you’ll be met with a knowing smile. She has been a realtor for 30 years, specializing in residential properties in East Grand Rapids. She sat down with us for an MMA team talk recently and shared her professional history and perspectives on the growth in EGR, the trends, and the importance of architectural integrity.

Katie never set out to specialize in one area, but as she stated in our talk, “Your sphere of influence becomes the community where your kids grow up, by default most of my business was happening in East Grand Rapids and that became my specialty,” says Katie. What’s concerning to both Katie and our team at MMA, is the suburban renovation trend happening in different pockets through EGR. “People are paying $300,000 for a home and bulldozing it,” Katie comments, “they are replacing historical residences with cookie cutter “McMansions” without thinking ahead to how this affects the integrity of the community.”

East Grand Rapids is a place full of history, formerly considered a summer resort community. The area began with cottages that were eventually turned into homes. The houses of the 50s and 60s are compartmentalized with formal living rooms, short archways, and low ceilings, but home buyers of today are looking for open spaces with natural light. Both MMA and Katie agree that these mid-century modern homes can and should be renovated to fit…

May 3, 2016

Happy Window Reveal Party at “In Progress” EGR Residence

Happy Window Reveal to one of our special clients whose home construction is moving along in East Grand Rapids.

Their super energy-efficient custom windows arrived on site last week and they were revealed once installed to the pleased birthday girl with a cake designed by Natty Em's Cake Shop to look like the finished house! Matt Reinsma from Bespoke Homes organized the event and is doing an amazing job on the house.

Follow the progress and view photos of a home under construction in East Grand Rapids at the new "In Progress" page.

February 26, 2016

“Instant Roof” goes up over SIPs

An "instant roof" goes up, according to one of the framers on site. This residential project is taking advantage of the energy efficiency and tight envelope provided by Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), rigid insulation sandwiched between two structural skin surfaces like Oriented Strand Board (OSB).

The SIPs span glulam beams spaced 8' apart, leaving beautiful exposed beams in the interior living spaces and big overhangs on the exterior. The sides of the home will be conventionally framed, while the SIPs were set on the main house in one day! See more in progress projects

January 27, 2016

Mild Winter Aids Progress!

Construction is well underway at this residence in East Grand Rapids.

The mild winter has been a boon for the construction team outside framing. The angled roof to the left brings down the scale of the garage, while the plywood to the right will get openings for kitchen windows once they arrive on site. The deep beams in the photographs frame openings for large sections of glass. We are excited to see it take shape over the next few months!