May 2, 2018

Miller Physical Education Building: Design Insights

The Miller Physical Education Building is the newest building on Kellogg Community College’s (KCC) main campus, replacing the former Miller Memorial Gymnasium, constructed in 1966, in approximately the same footprint as the original building.

It is designed as the home of KCC’s acclaimed competition athletic teams, KCC physical education classes, student and staff recreation facilities, academic classrooms and training spaces for multiple KCC programs, staff offices, community education spaces, and support area.

The building is organized by function and space volume, with the largest volume being the primary multipurpose gymnasium space, which anchors the building and makes a strong presence along North Avenue. The lower roof areas are organized to screen the rooftop mechanical equipment from the main entrance and North Avenue.

The new public entrance proudly announces the building with a broad pedestrian concourse that also intersects the Battle Creek Linear Park that passes in front of the building across the KCC campus.

April 2, 2018

Hawksview House: Design Insights

From a steep, south facing slope in Upstate New York, Hawksview is built on the same footprint as the previous house for this multigenerational family. It is designed to capture dramatic views of the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains through the design of a raised, cantilevered living area, rotated 45 degrees to the foundation. The primary building form of the new living level is simple - a single sloping shed roof with expressed wood ceilings and soffits throughout.

The cantilevered form gives the feeling of floating over the landscape, as it simultaneously protects guests from the elements at the new outdoor patio space below. The entry sequence begins behind the house, on the uphill side, and leads through a balanced landscape to conclude with a spectacular view through a full-height wall of glass overlooking the Catskills.

This project is designed for a multi-generational family who invites visitors to enjoy the property year-round. Utilizing a democratic set of values, there are 5 equal-size bedrooms and shared bathrooms…

March 1, 2018

Airport Viewing Pavilion: Design Insights

The airport viewing park and pavilion project was a passion project for our team at MMA, along with the Cascade Community Foundation and Gerald R. Ford International Airport. It’s a community project with the goal of enhancing the community experience for everyone. The concept of this design was inspired by the existing landscape, the powerful view corridor to the runway and the power of flight.

At its core, this project is comprised of two floating roof planes and a landscape. Functionally, it doubles parking capacity, adds bus parking, provides shelter and restrooms, and new, custom-designed barrier-free picnic tables and benches.

For this special park, we quickly realized that this site called for something as broad and grand as the runways themselves - something that celebrates an unimpeded view of flight against the distant horizon.

The design encourages large groups to gather; families, community groups, students, and seniors. There’s a food truck parking spot, bus parking, an 80’ long bench along the front, and power throughout for connecting an…

February 16, 2018

Tom Mathison Named Michigan Architectural Foundation President

After a combined eight years of serving as a board member for the Michigan Architectural Foundation, starting January 2, 2018, Tom Mathison has become the foundation’s president for a term that will last two years.

The Michigan Architectural Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and educating people about architecture and its relevance to daily life. It offers scholarships to architecture students and grants for community projects, as well as education programs to teach children K-12 about architecture.

Funding for these efforts comes primarily from donors in the community. To that end, Tom Mathison is planning MAF’s first donor appreciation event this spring. The event will showcase various projects and scholarship recipients that have benefited from donor generosity, communicating the importance of donor support and the foundation’s appreciation of them.

December 9, 2017

Dwell Names Deer Haven House “Best Modern Home”

Dwell editors chose MMA's Deer Haven House as a "Best Modern Home".

Deer Haven House is located in Grand Rapids, MI and was build for a busy, growing family of five. It is a 3,000 sq ft home conceived as a narrow bars of space that follow and step down with the subtle contours of the site and unfold to the South to take advantage of the daily path of the sun and natural site air movements. Nestled into its wooded 1-acre setting, the building carefully occupies the space between the ground and the tree canopy with an unfolding spatial sequence that connects the occupants to both through extensions of the ground plane and manipulation of clerestory light.

October 7, 2017

MLive Article: This super-efficient house cost less than $200 to operate all summer long

Thanks to MLive and Jim Harger for writing and sharing this story about one of our residential projects: Deer Haven Residence. See images and project information.

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, MI - Architect Evan Mathison can go on for hours about all of the features he has packed into the sustainable house he designed for his family. Some are esoteric details that only architects will comprehend.

Here's one that everyone who pays the bills can understand: Mathison's utility bills totaled only $193 in the four months between May and September this year. That includes air conditioning, cooking, laundry and hot water for a family of five.

LEED-platinum certification - the highest rating possible -- is pending for the house, says Mathison, a principal with Mathison | Mathison Architects, a firm he founded with his father, Tom Mathison.

It could cost even less in the future, says Mathison, who completed the house last year. They are still learning how to take advantage of its green roof, solar electrical panels, geo-thermal heating and cooling system and triple-paned European windows.