Todd Rutledge

Todd Rutledge is an architectural designer with MATHISON | MATHISON ARCHITECTS.

Caught between the spirit of art and the craft of engineering, Todd has always enjoyed making. His pursuit of architecture began at an early age and he never wavered.

At the University of Michigan, where he earned his Masters of Architecture with distinction, his thesis focused on spiritual energy and its effects on sensation and fantasy. He studied how the visceral qualities of a space might harmonize with specific material placements to encourage new habits by its users; habits by way of amusement.

His career spans from Detroit to Chicago where he began many years in site development and landscape architecture. After earning his Masters, Todd transitioned to residential architecture and historic preservation. He spent several years practicing in Chicago’s North Shore communities before bringing his expertise to Grand Rapids in 2013.

Growing up in Michigan, Todd learned of the state’s rich contributions to modern design and decided to make West Michigan his permanent home and place of practice. He was drawn to MMA because of their shared interest in modernism. Like MMA he examines how people live within spaces and how thoughtful and sensitive design can engage a site and community.

In design, he looks for opportunities to do what is unexpected, to add stimulation and amusement in subtle and tasteful ways. He believes every design is an opportunity to create something meaningful, assigning a function beyond its form.

Todd is invested in the wellness of art and architecture in West Michigan. He believes this community’s unique blend of family and art values is what makes Grand Rapids a special place to raise a strong family.