Tom Mathison Featured on the Cover of Great Lakes by Design Magazine

Thanks to Great Lakes by Design for featuring our own Tom Mathison in their “Architects” edition in November of 2019.


In every project, Thomas R. Mathison, FAIA, principal and co-founder of Mathison|Mathison Architects in Grand Rapids, Michigan, considers the interrelationship of spatial quality and how it impacts people—namely how to enhance overall wellbeing.

“Early in my career I thought I wanted to go into the healthcare architecture field and then I was in the education area: all of it was around how space impacts people and their overall health. Overall wellbeing—light, space, volume, and the materiality—is very significant to me,” Mathison said. “In the sustainable movement, LEED, it also became very important and the whole idea of wellbeing is something that pervades just about every one of our projects. How do we build health into our spaces?”

Mathison|Mathison Architects, co-founded and co-led by the father-and-son team of Thomas Mathison, FAIA, and Evan Mathison, is a full-service architectural and interior design firm that strives to create meaningful spaces in educational, residential, commercial, and civic design. At its core, the firm believes exceptional design connects people with space and each other; and uses light, form, material, and detail in a holistic and informed design approach to deliver functional and sustainable results grounded in modernism. 

For Thomas Mathison, whose upstairs home loft in 2013 became the humble origin story of the award-winning firm and has been a licensed architect for more than 40 years, it was his love of art and affinity for math that drew him to the design field, and ultimately architecture. 

“I wanted to be a commercial artist. It was really what I started out wanting to do, but I wasn’t sure that I could actually make a living doing that so I figured architecture is pretty similar, I think I’ll move into that direction, and I really began to develop a passion for it,” Mathison said. “I took a couple of independent study classes in architecture, really loved it, and decided then, basically late in high school, that it was what I wanted to pursue.”


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