Grand Rapids, MI
    October 2019
    3,600 sq ft



    Watermark Residence was conceived as a “downsizing” project for Owners looking to transition from the home where they raised their family to a simpler lifestyle. The footprint and exterior massing of the single family condo was prescribed, but MMA wove new details into these constraints and was urged by the Owner to completely reinvent the interior experience.

    From the exterior, the home sits subtly on a corner lot, referencing the neighborhood in its style, but with a warmth and crispness that speaks also to the interiors.

    The primary goal of the project was to provide an open, inviting atmosphere of connected spaces that allowed natural light into all areas of the home. Upon entry, there is an immediate involvement in the daily activities with the living and dining rooms being the focal point, and a more intimate kitchen slightly out of view.

    Throughout the home, the idea of privacy and transparency plays an important role in the organization of spaces and materials chosen. More private corridors lead to intimate bedroom spaces and functional laundry and mudrooms. A two-floor, semi-transparent slat wall shields direct visibility from the street, while also providing connection between the entertaining spaces of the home. Combined with the white oak, open staircase, the movement between levels feels intuitive and inviting.

    A simple palette of materials, understated in their appearance but detailed in their execution, are threaded throughout the home. Gathering spaces are represented with open slats, grounding brick, white oak, and bright walls. Movement deeper into the house brings refined slat panels with integrated hardware at kitchen millwork, softly painted cabinetry, and warm tones of walnut in furniture elements. The most private spaces of the home further extrude the slat element into fluted panels, painted in deeper colors.

    Architect of Record: Mathison | Mathison Architects