Design of buildings, structures and sites form the core of our practice. Our projects include education institutions, commercial enterprises, non-profits, governmental buildings, private residences, and more. In addition to new construction, a substantial part of our practice engages existing buildings to renovate and enhance space and to add new area to existing structures, including historic structures.


Many projects require a level of planning, master planning, or thinking about future phasing. The best planning integrates strategy with analysis of existing and preferred context to develop a spatial and budgetary vision for the future. Our practice includes feasibility studies, campus planning, and master planning for educational, governmental, commercial and residential clients.

Interior Design

We imagine our projects as complete, cohesive, and integrated in their space, color and texture. The design of interior spaces begins with the earliest architectural concepts and carries through to the client’s life in the space. Each decision is a careful design of forms, layering of materials, and addition of details to enhance and complete the project vision.