We are committed to rigorously planning and executing ideas that enhance the dialogue between subject and place, connecting the aspirations and optimism of people with strong, evocative architectural form.

Our process is grounded in iterative design thinking and the belief that each project draws uniqueness from its site and program. We are as focused on common-sense, practical solutions as we are on handsome detailing and the spatial interplay of light, material, and texture.

We are interested in the detail and the follow-through of each solution, believing that our clients and their projects are served best by our attentive advocacy through the entire planning, design, and implementation process. We know that ongoing collaboration with construction professionals during the implementation process is an important component to achieving the best possible results.

MMA employs a collaborative, confident approach that invites diverse voices to contribute to the design process. We are supported by a growing team of architects and designers with experience in an array of project typologies, sizes, and complexities. Their skills have been extended and honed at both a national and global level. Our educational, professional, and experiential knowledge adds insight and fresh perspective to each project.

Our work exemplifies our design values and approach. Contact us to start a conversation about your project.

Some images displayed on this website represent experience prior to the formation of MMA.