Megan Feenstra Wall comments in MiBiz on “Gender Disparities in the Workforce”

Thank you to MiBiz for speaking with Megan Feenstra Wall on the important issue of Gender Disparities in the Workforce, which have been particularly amplified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The first month of the pandemic was especially awful, said Megan Feenstra Wall, architect at Mathison | Mathison Architects in Grand Rapids. She also serves as the president of American Institute of Architects’ Grand Rapids chapter. Feenstra Wall and her husband both have full-time jobs but also had to teach their children in kindergarten and first grade at home when schools shut down.

“Things were working for me (before the pandemic) because I had these systems in place that were set up to make this all work. But suddenly those went away and there were overlapping deadlines, 50-60 hour work weeks while also trying to school our children and then extra things like wiping down groceries,” she said.

The duties were shared with her husband, but Feenstra Wall knows of “more than one” woman in architecture outside of her firm that stopped taking on new work when the pandemic started because she was expected to help a child with virtual school.”

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