West Side

April 18, 2016

Design in West Michigan Translates to Architecture

An excerpt from a monthly MMA Talk…

Design happens in West Michigan. There is a rich history of industrial design and that is translating now to design in IT and tech spaces. The West Side is becoming a tech corridor where creative startups are consolidating. Our building alone is full of creative companies. We’re meeting people and talking about how we can partner and create connections with those in the design community outside of architecture.

The maker culture exemplified by GR Makers and The Geek Group brings an innovative thought process, shared work space and equipment and creates different types of design. Major events inspired by creatives like Design Week and ArtPrize bring design to the community.

Industrial design is inspirational to us. We interact with sleek, designed equipment every day with our smart phones but that hasn’t translated to our spaces yet, our homes. We are starting to see trends toward higher performing houses, houses that better our environments. Industrial design is pushing…

March 1, 2016

We love The Geek Group!

Recently the MMA team had an opportunity to check out The Geek Group, a local technology collaborative that resides in what was once the Leonard Street YMCA.

Formed as a collection of innovators, hobbyists, and DIYer’s, the space has been transformed into a laboratory for learning and experimentation. The Geek Group offers many machines that we are excited about incorporating into our design process. With a laser cutter ordered and on the way and a multitude of 3d printers already accessible, we see this facility as a great way to illustrate our design ideas to our clients. We look forward to partnering with another great business on the West Side of Grand Rapids on multiple projects to come!