Deer Haven Residence LEED Platinum


Expected energy savings.

Based on HERS Score compared to current Michigan code.


Construction waste diverted from landfill.

Strategies and Results

Deer Haven Residence is constructed of SIPS panels sourced in Michigan and wrapped with an additional 2” of rigid foam. Tilt/turn European style triple-pane windows are used throughout which have a U-value of .10 and SHGC of .50. Dark windows articulate an intimate relationship to the trees beyond. Half of the main level floor is structural concrete slab-on-grade for thermal mass and the flat roof area over the kitchen will have a live green roof tray system installed for thermal mass and to control water runoff. The South side of the site is defined by the form of the house and program of the interior through the use of almost 500 square feet of triple pane glass.

Exemplary Performance

Deer Haven Residence is deeply rooted in sustainability from its placement and orientation to its coordinated assemblies and systems. Subtle contours of the site unfold to the South to take advantage of the daily path of the sun and air movements. A 3ton horizontal ground loop geothermal-to-air HVAC system will provide heat and air conditioning for the building, which calculates to a peak heating load of 35kBtu/hr and a peak cooling load of 31kBtu/hr. The electric consumption is estimated to be less than 8,000kWh/yr including all appliances, LED lighting and HVAC loads, and a 5.04kW solar PV system will be installed that is estimated to produce 6,354kW.

The Project Team