Rose Kennedy Greenway

In the fall of 2010, the team of Maryann Thompson Architects and Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, was commissioned to design three parcels of the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, Massachusetts. Comprised of parcels 19, 20 and 21, Dewey Square Park is made up of 2.5 acres of open space and rests on top of the Central Artery tunnel, a portion of the well-known Boston “Big Dig” infrastructural project started in the late 1980s.

The design created building and site elements using materials and assemblies that can be reused, repurposed or recycled. In keeping with the project’s low-impact ethos, the architectural installations on parcels 21 and 22 are designed to be prefabricated using locally sourced standard shipping containers wrapped in green screen and planted with wisteria. Their layered and temporary nature speak to the site’s constructed-ground condition and to the infrastructural quality of the ribbon of greenway. The wood deck of the Pavilion is raised slightly higher than grade and is designed to create outdoor “classrooms” for multiple activities with retractable sail shading for seasonal comfort. At Dewey Square on parcel 22, a large wood deck using reclaimed local wood was designed for multiple programmatic uses throughout the seasons of the year including a farmers market, movie screenings, live performances, ice skating and outdoor seating with local food trucks. Other specific green strategies include the use of natural ventilation, daylighting, passive cooling with shading, composting toilets and on-site generation of renewable energy sources through an integrated PV solar system. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Dewey Square Park project is currently awaiting funding.

Services provided included visioning, site study, programming, planning, concept design, schematic design, and coordination documentation.

Boston, Massachusetts

Architect of Record:
Maryann Thompson Architects (MTA)

Evan’s role:
Project Designer/Manager at MTA

Date completed:

2.5 acres, buildings: 3500 sq ft