SERVICES | Pre-Bond Services



For projects requiring financing through the sale of bonds and/or approval by a vote of constituents, MMA provides pre-bond services designed to maximize successful outcomes. Our collaborative process begins with an assessment of existing conditions and interviews with a broad range of stakeholders to determine the needs to be satisfied by the bond proposal through a written program statement. With this as a foundation, MMA develops alternative solutions, with corresponding costs, consistent with the program requirements to identify the most appropriate response through consensus-building around the preferred alternative. This often includes a phased, master-plan approach to fully understand how short-term solutions work together with longer-range strategies.

By working together with the client, appropriate legal and financial counsel, and other consultants, MMA prepares the required applications, documentation, and graphic displays to meet the needs of local and state government agencies to meet the needs of the election process.

Once approved for placement on the election ballot, MMA works with the client to develop and implement a campaign strategy, with graphic support, toward a successful election result.


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