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MMA architectural programming services are designed to identify and quantify the functional needs, relationships, values, goals, and critical room data in the early stages of each project. A well-developed and articulated program leads to high-quality design as it establishes key project requirements and provides for a smooth transition and touchstone to full development of the project. A quality program statement helps ensure that the resulting project reflects the initial vision and concept.

Architectural Programming often begins with a time for visioning the project and assessing its needs. It includes stakeholder interviews, workshops and tours, as well as surveys and group facilitation to gather information. Analysis of the data reveals alternatives for evaluation in the interest of developing consensus around a common direction and frame of reference.

The deliverable from our architectural programming service is a well-documented statement of goals and strategies, including space standards, typical room layouts and a compilation of space adjacencies and requirements that become the basis for subsequent detailed development.


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